Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can I Watch You Masterbate Videos How To Masterbate?

How to masterbate? - can i watch you masterbate videos

even in the 17th Warm and instant messaging, idk why, but I am, I want to have sex .... and watching porn is bad?, and I wonder if others have the same problem and also how men masterbate other techniques, videos of Andy?

plz dont think im weird = [


Jorge said...

It Jackinworld advanced techniques of masturbation.

I began to blow up and down, rubbing usually in long movements on the foreskin on the head.

I see nothing wrong in what he says. They have 17 years, one year younger than me. Young people have high levels of hormones that we want sex / pleasure.

This time, most began to hesitate, but. = P

Steamyst... said...

Gordon Bennett!

rustd2 said...

It is not uncommon - you normal masturbation is not a bad thing. Masturbation is accepted as stress reduction. You masturbate and relax after ejaculation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation! There will be a normal healthy 98% of men (the other two percent are liars.) I masturbate once or twice a day. Typically, the manual stimulation of my penis is. Finger at the guy and a regular back and forth (standing) or up and down (if lying down). As a rule, does not require visual assistance but certainly visuals will generate the desire to masturbate.
You can be sure that:
- No buttons, acne or pimples;
- Your penis is not getting shorter;
- There will be less intelligent;
- Do not grow hair on your palms;
- Do not lose your hair or a bald head;
- Do not go to hell (), at least for masturbation;
- You will not lose your mind;
- It will not be sterile;
- Your penis does not slip;
- HomosexualityCrease in size;
- The likelihood is increased if struck by lightning.
But are the following:
- It is likely that your penis is growing;
- More relaxed;
- Smiling most of the time;
- An ordinary man
- And have enough eggs in the sperm.
To receive and enjoy further. !

allnecam said...

It is hot, but age is not important to ask questions, watch videos, porn can be very healthy. The most important thing for you to be able to discover "his body, every part of it, including the thighs, breasts and testicles and penis.
Although he is not in a dream-invasive and learn, too, fantasies, and sometimes even things that never produced. The only "must do" not affect any other physical or emotional.
Learning about their own bodies, their likes and dislikes are more important than sex with someone else. Once you know that you and your partner have more fun in sex.
I started masturbating when I was at the age of a single figure. Explore this site is very good

angel_ro... said...

Do not judge me or something cuz i'ma meet women, but masturbating is not difficult. Only self-motion from top to bottom, where the foreskin .. If you simultaneously play with your balls .. He goes to work. No one should believe that you're curious, is a natural thing for you in 17 years. My BF (no name) is and who is 18, but still, I hope you are able to do and enjoy it .. Cuz i do occasionally.

uncle_n_... said...

Ok first man masturbation is bad, when we see pornography and everything, but if you do not see other things, better

Just me! said...

Masturbation is normal and healthy.

Just put your hand on your co * k and rub up and down, you have an erection to go wash your hands and bottom.

Think of a person fantasies about someone who may be with and love what you do with them what you will do for you, use your other hand around his body on the chest and testicles rubbing. You receive up to the point of orgasm and pleasure.

You can add other routines can be found here:

Response to the Quick Search and click on the item you want, you can also click on the techniques of interpretation and other routines that you do not see your penis.

Have fun, enjoy and explore your body.

O'yeah! I forgot to squeeze as some people, or twist your nipple are too easy or until you used to the stimulation while masturbating.

more information, please post again ...

Hope this helps

B20Mac said...

No, you're just a normal teenager. Jack off! And if you are looking for new techniques, try this site is a great place with tons of different techniques.

I hate to copy Guerrero Rustd2 answers. Soo, which annoyed me a lot!


speedone said...

All people do, where each place you will not know it, he says, lies.
Sex and watching porn is healthy to see pornography on the Internet is your juices going and has satisfied itself, in order to relieve the pressure.
See page 89 dot com, click on the movie and have fun.

iWarrior said...

Lol You're not funny, you're normal. Here is a link

It is a good site with lots of vids showing different techniques.

God, I hate Rustd2 copy and paste answers. = (

Rise Against The Machine said...

masterbate with her nipples porn scraching thats what i do

Sean said...

Not Your very quiet, available in the network and you will find many techniques.

Bride2Be said...

Super-glued his hand to try his dick, Dick Wad ..................................

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